Hybrid Recommendation Systems in News Media using Probabilistic Graphical Models


Recommendation System belongs to the class of Information Retrieval, Data Mining and Machine Learning. Recommender systems play a major role in today’s ecommerce industry. Recommender systems recommend items to users such as books, movies, videos, electronic products and many other products in general.

Sep 1, 2018 2:55 PM — 3:15 PM
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A typical undertaking of recommender frameworks is to enhance customer experience through prior implicit feedback, by providing relevant content from time to time. These systems actively track different sorts of user behavior, such as buying pattern, watching habits browsing activity etc., in order to model user preferences. Unlike the much more extensively explored explicit feedback, we do not have any direct input from the users regarding their preferences. Where understanding the content is important, it is non-trivial to explain the recommendations to the users.

When a new customer comes to the system it is very difficult to provide relevant recommendations to the customer by traditional state-of-art collaborative filtering based recommendation systems, where content-based recommendation does not suffer from this problem. On the other hand, content-based recommendation systems fail to achieve good performance when the user profile is not very well defined, where collaborative filtering does not suffer from this problem. So, there is a need to combine the power of these two recommendation systems and create a hybrid recommendation system which can address this problem in a more effective and robust way. Large media and edtech companies in emerging markets are using a version of this approach.

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Tuhin Sharma
Senior Principal Data Scientist

My research interests include AI, NLP and Distributed Computing.